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ImpetuHub Travel is a collaborative platform dedicated to reflecting on tourism experience around the globe. Whereas you are a traveller, a tourist, a backpacker, or just reflecting on travelling, this Hub is yours to share and express your ideas. We believe that sharing is caring, caring about the world that we live in and the place we occupy within it. 


Tourism is a growing industry that allows us to move from place to place confronting us with our identity, our values, our culture and ourself, so why not reflect on how all this is part of our life and what role do we have in this globalized world?





IMPETU TRAVEL HUB was created to open up to discussion on different viewpoints of the travel industry. It's NOT a conventional travel blog, it's a hub where we want to gather different perspectives on the travelling experience. Here you will find the narratives of different travels around the globe taking into account not only the itineraries, travel tips and musts of places, but reflexions of the trips, debatable ideas and concepts in tourism literature and theory.


Also, I'll be inviting different people to collaborate in their experiences travelling around, so... If you are interested in having a go at this Blog go ahead and contact me to share your experiences and reflexions (and chill, not all people will undertake the theoretical approach).


One thing you should know? We have been evolving and expanding.


We started as a collaborative HUB to develop social projects in Mexico City empowering young people to do what they love to do and create amazing things. But later on, we undertook our passion to travel with our interest in the collaborative economy.. and TA - DA!    


ÍMPETU Experiencias Colaborativas joined Bitácora Travel Log and resulted in IMPETU Travel Hub.

Although all the site was mainly planned in Spanish, we now have most of it in the English version. I'll be working to have the Spanish version (again) available soon... And obviously, some of our amazing collabs are writing in Spanish making this Blog pretty multicultural.



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I'm passionate about sharing and connecting with adventures, stories, tourism experiences that allow us to reflect on our place in the world and the way we travel.


I want to expand this platform, don't hesitate to email me. I love to hear from other wanderers!


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