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We are always looking for a great shot; in our compilation of photographies you will find amazing landscapes, previews of the posts and projects that we are carrying out, and obviously, tourists being tourists.

Check out the experiences Impetu Travel has to share with you thru Instagram; but also check out our collaborators work, just click the submenu to see all the galleries we have for you.

We are happy to share the experiences of our collaborators in their travels.. Want to share your work? This is your travel hub, we want to see your talents! Whereas you are a pro or an amateur tag us in your pics in Instagram or write to us to be part of this Travel Hub.


Remember to use the hashtag #touristicbehaviour if you want to share your best captions of tourists being tourists!

Disclaimer: The photographs are owned by each collaborator, and they have agreed to share their work on this Blog.

Escritos de luz

We encourage people to share their travels through photography and video,

if you would like to share with us don't be shy






The Photographers own the rights of each of their photos, you can check out more of their work

You can contact them if you'd like.


The rest of the Photos are taken and own by Ana.


Tag us in your pics @impetuhub_travel and use the #touristicbehaviour when tourist are just too tourist not to share!


I'm passionate about sharing and connecting with adventures, stories, tourism experiences that allow us to reflect on our place in the world and the way we travel.


I want to expand this platform, don't hesitate to email me. I love to hear from other wanderers!


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