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It starts with LOVE: Keep the social impact at heart.

I haven´t traveled lots of countries, I often travel back to the same cities, the same places. I come back to them many times, visit the agriculture villages, waver artisan villages, the coffee mountains, as I realize myself will be most happy both professionally and personally with people who are right for me at each situation.

Here is a little overview of what I have been doing for the last 1 year with Food Sense Tour:

- Social Enterprise Experience Sense Tour in the three richest farming areas of Vietnam : Hanoi, Dalat, and the Mekong Delta.

For those who don’t know it yet, Food Sense Tour is a Social Enterprise Experience Tour that combines traveling, interviewing, volunteering and hosting creative workshops at food enterprises - it’s all about providing food solution to fight food poverty or food insecurity. However,I'm always looking for food entrepreneurs who are really acknowledged about how food being grown, healthy eating and cooking, sustainability in farming, sustainability in business model and business theory. The ones who have dream to re-design sustainable food system for all, a universe of ecology in their farm, their office and within their people and animals if they have them.

That makes them become food social enterprises. they are also friends, amazing storytellers, as their startup journeys towards social businesses are quite difficult to begin with. I have visited organic farms and meet organic food entrepreneurs in Vietnam since 2016. As for me, organic farmers are great change makers to raise hope in the trees, the soil; they raise hope to more people getting back to natural farming, by eating “love-made” food, by listening to their stories, by learning at their farms.

I spent most of my time to searching and traveling to organic farms where I think I will learn where my food is grown, how it will be transferred, sold and cooked, how it will end up or if it will be recycled. Moreover, being in organic farms is where I discover another me - a small universe belonging to another bigger natural universe.

My advice would be to travel to organic farm to learn anything you can see about that area’s geographic ecosystems and local farmer lifestyles from whom you will learn about all social justice of that place If you are really an anthology traveller , you will desiring to experience both nature and social unique experiences of the places you will set foot on. and in my experience, I recommend to go to. organic farms.

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