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Vicente Quirarte expressed the following words during the conference* Mexico, a city that is a country:

"Reading the city is an act of love and knowledge; walking it is a way to read it. Love is the highest and most accurate emotion of continuous education and reinvention: touching the city, as if it were our first time, is emotion".

The words of this poet moved my feet. Yes, the feet.

That same afternoon, after reading those words, I left work and walked around the city. Being already a devoted city walker - a hobby that I acquired while traveling Europe years before and that I clearly inherited of my well-travelled parents-; I turned up my music and started to walk.

Walking around and with the words of Quirarte in my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about my travel style. It may be due to my ambiguous interpretation of distances, but if anything, Mexico City taught me that there is no distance that cannot be crossed in the same city.

As Quirarte, I have become a reader of my surroundings, beginning with the simple and delicious activity of walking. Wrapping myself in the cities and country sides with each step, I get to know the nooks and crannies that each destination offers me. I leave the map in my pocket and with the camera in hand, I go to inquire.

"The city is a text and we all contribute to writing it: the small odyssey of going through it daily is as important as the heroic epiphanies that crown our adventure" - Vicente Quirarte.

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*The conference was given at El Colegio Nacional within the framework of the activities of the Festival del Centro Histórico 2017 in Mexico City. His wordings have been translated by me, I deeply recommend this text in Spanish if you can read it, after all, he is a poet and I barely do any justice to his words.

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