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The bittersweetness of coming back home (after a long journey)

Spending Christmas at home, with the family, the normal and comfortable surroundings, my very own and ever the same room, and bed, and my fluffy dog following me everywhere. Lovely!

Even though Christmas is still a week away, and I will enjoy the fluffiness of my dog, my room, my books, the view of my mountains, and seeing all my friends, enjoying quality time with the family, coming back home has been an interesting cultural shock.

This time I´m coming back home it´s different, as I see it more like a visit and not an indefinite one. As soon as I landed in the chaotic and always loved (by me) Mexico City, I knew I didn’t want to spend much time in my home country. Why? I couldn’t yet pin it. It could be because my government keeps breaking my heart with incredibly stupid laws and decisions, making it even less habitable for a person my age to make a living and express our freedom. Or It could be that the City I learnt to live and love hit me like the impressive concrete jungle that it is, but a bit shaken by the aftermath of the earthquake.

But what keeps me thinking about this, is that even though earth tremored, I came to find everything the same –or worse if I think about politics-. It feels like my whole life expanded and my mind opened new windows around the world, with its amazing sights, different thinking, traditions, languages and ways of living. As If all those things I lived and experienced in the year could not be explained and shared with my loved ones back home, and in a very weird way I feel –yet again- misunderstood.

As soon as I found out my life had, once again changed its fate, my first and yet only thought was: where to then? As I enjoy seeing friendly faces of my childhood, spending time in the mountain with my dog, eating my mother’s home food and speaking my mother tongue, I know prolonging my stay it´s not an option. I can´t keep still in the normal life everyone around me has had while I was away.

Geez... Such a wanderer cliché!

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