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What inspired me to break my writers' block

Normally I log off at around 10 pm to relax from working at a screen throughout the day. It´s 10:18 and I´m just getting started on this entry, and I can feel he next one coming. I´ve been waiting to have one of these inspiring breakthroughs as a writer to post on the blog. I hope I finally broke it.

What got me started?

The past few weeks have been mind-blowing, I´ve talked to very interesting people and that have made me realise how important is to draw upon other peoples’ creative ideas. The nourishment you get by sharing those ideas, and how from a conversation something amazing can happen.

When you are writing about travel you normally write about the different cultures that you are visiting. But, I´ve been writing more about my home country than anything else, even if I´m living abroad. Weird travel blog, I know.

Thing is, there is also a journey into ones’ mind, ones’ internal development. I think I had to leave home to find it within me. Home for me is where my dog is, my nuclear family, where I learned to feel part of nature and felt safe, where my parents gather the love and dedication to build the house where I grew up. Home has also become what I am, not what I carry around with me, but what I am. Like a turtle, my shell is not a house, and if taken away from me I wouldn’t feel naked. Home is just the essence of who I am and what I can bring to the world and those who surround me when I´m interacting with them.

Home is also about identity, which I will talk more about in other entries, but home -as I’ve come to realise- is what makes me be me, here, there and everywhere.

That there in the picture is me realising where my home was. Vietnam, 2016.

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