Do you feel tingles when you talk about him?

Do you blush when asked about him?

Do you get goosebumps when you remember the moments?

Do you hyperventilate when the date approaches?

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see him?


My friend, let me tell you….

You are in love.

So... What's up with love?


Like everything else in this blog, this post is not about love.


It’s not about loving someone, but rather loving something.


A week ago, while checking the scheduled posts for Impetu I realized that this date was coming: Valentines’. I don’t usually celebrate this date, however with the desire to express other viewpoints I wanted to inquire a little about the subject. And so, I wondered what is the relationship between love and travel?


When I think about what I love and what I share with the people I call friends, I find one aspect in common: the love for travel.


In this project, you will find the different feelings that some collaborators have shared about the love for traveling. Keep Scrolling 


We want to know your relationship with the traveling, how you let yourself be seduced by it and what you love about it, write to  to collaborate with your love (travel) story.

Maybe that’s the wrong way to put it. You see, I think I might actually be in love with travel. Travel is like a relationship. Maybe you stumble upon a picture in Google or a friend tells you about this great destination. But without announcement, you suddenly find yourself buying a ticket and feeling nervous as hell.

On the days prior to departure you feel very self-conscious. You are not too sure about what to pack or how to dress. Will the food be deliriously exquisite or dreadfully unsatisfying? You finally take the plunge. You get there. Everything is new and unknown. Tantalizing, mesmerizing, captivating but frankly terrifying. Then, as time goes by, you start getting the hang of it. You now know how much to tip. You’ve learnt two or three word in that exotic foreign language. You even give advice to a fellow traveller on the best restaurant in the area or tell him about that quirky little bar you found the other day. You feel comfortable. You make friends with locals. This is YOUR thing. You are not sure exactly when it started, but suddenly you find yourself fantasizing about how great it would be to actually live here. You picture yourself grabbing your daily coffee every morning. You flirt with the idea of renting that trendy inner city apartment. In fact, you already saw the perfect vintage furniture in the market and met a local artist that could help you decorate the place. The quintessential life plays inside your mind. And you smile.

But then, something unexpected happens. Suddenly the delicious dish you tried on your first day isn’t so tasty anymore. You have a fierce craving for a home-cooked breakfast that nobody here knows how to prepare. Suddenly hotel beds are not so comfortable. Long bus rides hurt your back. Your feet complain about yet another city walk. And then, although you don’t want to accept it, you secretly start craving for departure.

The day comes. And you leave. You leave with a bittersweet feeling that dwindles between nostalgia and melancholy. You get home. You hug your family. You laugh joyously and let your dog lick your face and sleep with you on the sofa for the first time in years. And people ask you how it went. So you start talking. And suddenly, suddenly you can’t stop the words from spilling out of your mouth. You babble on and on about the food and the bars and the words you learnt. The terrible beds and the tedious rides become funny anecdotes – the juicy parts to an exciting story. And everybody’s laughing. And suddenly you find yourself saying that you had the time of your life. You realize how much you enjoyed it and how much it changed you. You thank life for the opportunity. And with an air of nostalgia, you go on. Back to life. Back to reality.

At least until Cupid strikes again. Until you get carried away once more into the abysm of infinite possibilities that only travel can deliver.

Yes, travel is definitely a relationship. 

And I am madly in love. 

Why do I Love to travel?

Lourdes Zamanillo


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